Saturday, 31 May 2014

All Home Safe and Well

this years annual camp was brought to you by

Steve ( pioneering . kayaker and willing to try anything ) Kemp

Doug ( Safety Cover, Expedition leader singing critic and Maker of many hot drinks) Jeffries

Glenn ( Blogg creator. kayaker, laser target and fixer of broken bones) Bruce

Gary (QM, i have an idea, pulling champion and expedition leader) Hall

Judith ( home contact. novice powerboater And preparer of much equipment ) Hall

Karen ( Kayaker, safety cover, menu and chief Cook/QM and archer) Smyth

Jeremy ( Fixer of all broken things,other than human, kayaker,
safety cover and archer !) Szabo

Chris ( Chairman, illusionist, hunter gatherer , safety cover and beach lifeguard !)!Mitchell.

Simon ( tea drinker, ancient mariner, motivator , choreographer and general pain to all the above named ! ) Bale

Other thanks to Kevin Francis for driving the lorry down last saturday and storing much of the equipment.

Malcolm Bale for the return lorry trip.

and the security guards at the paper-mill who kept weighing the lorry last friday night !

see you all next friday for scouts and the group AGM at 1830.

badges and awards that are outstanding and also a presentation on this camp will be part of the night. Parents required for the AGM


Sat Nav says we are home !

The very latest driving aid. a laminated GPS system to help us find our way home !
Collecting scouts.

Due to the number of vehicles and trailers please can we ask that you park in market street next to the guide HQ and not anchor street. you can then walk through the connecting pathway And give us room to park and unload thanks

see you at 1730

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Back at the HQ about 5.30. A lot of kit to upload and move,  so please can we have some parental help,  thanks....

The convoy ( minus the lorry) at Cartgate Yeovil.

.... And on our way.

Final flag....

Everything but the catering tent packed, time for a cake-athon..

Lorry and Van on site plus a landrover two minibuses and trailers ! what a lot of kit ! ! Sea Scouting. Much more than just camping for us !

Packing continues...

Invincible Patrol

SeaKing Patrol

Archer Patrol

Explorers Full Uniform

Dont Ask ! !

Poor little Doug never did get to grips with pitching his tent...

Good morning. A very sunny start and very flat sea ! Hopefully the tents will all be packed very dry !

Friday, 30 May 2014

Dinner earlier after a long day of activities !

Kaitlyn on the assault course

Evening obstacle course races...

A lot of packing to do!

back from boating. washing and packing the boats away.

Some of the older scouts arriving at Brownsea by kayak.

Jeremy arriving at Brownsea

On brownsea

explorers arrived on brownsea safe

Explorers sailing to Brownsea with 4 scouts.

Morning all!  The team over on Brownsea tell us all is well,  the kids left at base are heading out onto the water soon, Explorers sailing,  scouts doing a bit of kayaking.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

sunset ceremony. Kaitlyn (piping) and Marianne ( ensign and bell)

Brownsea Trangia Food ! not bad.

Meanwhile over on brownsea ! !

Dinner is served !

Pork chops tonight !

Target Practise ! Simon 1 - Shane 0

Payback for Jersey 2013 ! !

Fire lighting ( and fanning it with metal plates)

Safe weighted load?

pioneering building a obstacle course

So,  apparently,  the snack I just bought MAY contain TRACES of nut,  given that it is a peanut brittle bar I'd have hoped for a little more commitment from the manufacturer :) -  Sitting waiting for the Explorers who are having a few hours in Swanage...

Chris (Haselhoff) Mitchell , chairman on beach watch duties

2nd expedition group of scouts in the water off of baden powells camp site on Brownsea Island .
its very sunny down here at the moment. but we just watched a very big black cloud cross the harbour and hit Poole ! !
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Just back from a mornings kayaking and sailing, and sorting lunch.  The 6 that are spending the night over on Brownsea have arrived safely.

All up and breakfasted, ready for another day on the water...

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Time 2230 everyone in their tents. light rain at the moment.

all very tired. long day for all sections including the leaders.

Good night .....

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All safely back on site, tea cooked.

Scouts are currently in Swanage doing some shopping and sight seeing ! Time 1600 hrs.

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and helming the power boat ! !

Judith ( beach mistress!) has made it to Brownsea via boat. Her first ever time to the island ! well done.

investing Lewis into Scouts at the birthplace of scouting . Special Occasion !

Younger scouts having sailed to Brownsea on their own with leader support . at the Baden Powell Camp Site Stone.

Alice takes a leap of faith